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The Grinmark Outlook plugin for Intelecrm provides the following features:

Allows archiving (uploading) Emails to Intelecrm and attaching to available items: Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Bugs, Cases, Projects. Each Email can be archived to a multiple items at once (for example, to a Contact and to an Opportunity at the same time).

Allows archiving of Email attachments separately from the Email itself.

Automatically attach “RE:” and “FW:” emails to the same Intelecrm item.

Synchronize Contacts between Intelecrm and Outlook

Synchronize Meetings between Intelecrm and Outlook

Synchronize Tasks between Intelecrm and Outlook

Support for all Intelecrm flavors: Standard, Professional, Enterprise.

Word/Excel Integration Add-in allows archiving documents and spreadsheets to available Intelecrm items directly from Word and Excel. Useful for quick archiving of orders and invoices produced by other applications

Full details of the guide can be found in the PDF document attached to this article.


Please note that the Outlook plugin for Intelecrm is a purchasable add-on, it is not included as part of your Intelecrm subscription.  

Each license cost $96 per user per year.  Should you wish to use the Outlook plugin please contact our support team by submitting a ticket.


There are 3 downloads attached to this article.  

Getting Started.pdf

This is the general user guide for the Outlook plugin.  If you have purchased licenses for the Intelecrm Outlook plugin you will find installation and configuration details here.

MS Office Plugin - Setup_4.0.10.4.zip

This contains the Setup_4.0.10.4.zip file from where you can install th Outlook plugin on your Windows PC.  The installer will work fine for both 32 and 64 bit configurations.




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